Online poker Rooms or land based rooms? Which is better?

Poker is a gambling game which involves both luck and skill. People play it for the thrill and excitement and of course for the money involved. The level of skill is gauged by the way the money is moving and the way the table is shifting. It is to win the money in the pot, which is pooled in by all the betting players during the hand. A pokerace99 player can win in two ways either he has the best hand or he convinces he holds the best hand and makes his opponents to fold their hands that is abandon the hand.

Poker was first played in the United States in the 18th century. It draws inspiration from the Persian game As-nas. There were other games like the French Poque , the French Brelan and the game of Primero to name a few that influenced the development of Poker. However the features of Poker are unique, which is more to do with betting that is not a feature of the other games.


As it kept growing bigger, in the 19th century Late Night Poker debuted on British television and Poker and casino gambling spread across the United States. Poker touched new heights of popularity in the 21st century with the beginning of online Poker. The players could now play in the comfort of their homes. Poker professionals now became celebrities with fans all over the world who wanted to play and compete with them. It then started to be called a mind game. The International Federation of Poker was founded in Switzerland which became the governing body of Poker. With a few nations prohibiting Poker the popularity slowed however they are still growing.

Online poker Rooms or land based rooms

This is a million dollar question for any Poker newbie. However with online Poker being more accessible, there is a surge in the number of online players an especially beginner. Experienced players then can move to casinos as they tend to become experts in reading players in person. However with movies and the television industry glamorizing Poker, the players don’t care about the hassle it can be to travel to a land based Poker room.

So what’s better online poker or land based poker? The answer is that it depends. I guess, you need to play both to pick your cup of tea! What are you waiting for?